What Students Say

The following comments were posted on Yelp and Google Business. 


I originally sought out Juliana to help conquer my fear of singing…in front of others that is. Her professional and playful style of teaching made that easy. Since then I have explored bringing more and more sound into my life and my teaching. I am forever grateful to have worked with Juliana and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their vocal instrument…from the fearful to the already free flowing!
I would also recommend you check out her performance work. POWERFUL!


I hadn’t sung in over 20 years, but I finally got up the courage to try again. After looking for a few weeks, I decided to try out the offer for the free consultation.

  • I went in with no expectations, and came out with a renewed joy in singing!
  • Juliana clearly loves what she does, and she does it brilliantly – and that can’t help but flow over into how I learn and how safe I feel to try something new and sound stupid!
  • Her teaching style is amazingly effective and solid in technique. Don’ get me wrong, she will challenge you and give you quite a workout. But in the end, you’ll be amazed and how far you’ve come.
  • I can’t thank her enough for bringing back these amazing colors into my life.
  • Take her up on her offer. You’ll see what I mean.


I have been taking classes at Snapper Voice Studios for the past two years and I’ve gotten to sing to a point I never thought I’d be capable of before.  Juliana Snapper is an amazing teacher that has the gift of finding what is really holding one back and tailoring the lesson in a way that a great and fast improvement can be expected in the singing practice.

  • Juliana’s coaching is kind, creative, and challenging.  She lets you explore song genres and helps you discover your strengths as a singer. I have had lessons for under a year and thanks to her teaching, have found depth in my voice and pleasure in discovering new sounds.
The Rolls Royce of singing teachers as far as I’m concerned. I stopped taking voice lessons about 8 years ago after moving and had mostly sung in bands, and I was starting to feel extremely limited despite continuing to perform. Juliana has helped me get back into shape and gently but consistently challenged me to advance beyond my plateau and grow as a singer. She isn’t afraid to do some pushing.Most importantly: she cares! Part of the reason it took me so long to get back into singing lessons was I couldn’t connect with any of the teachers I found — they’d have the impressive education and a laundry list of credits, but when I came for lessons they weren’t really in the room with me. Juliana pays attention: beyond her background and supernaturally intimate understanding of the voice, she’s a rare, enormously respectful hybrid of patience and insight. You can’t fake that. Being a gifted, working music professional doesn’t automatically make you a gifted music teacher; Juliana’s both.
Julianna is the miracle worker of voice / vocal teachers. I’ve played piano since I was 10, and always just kind of sung along. Now, a bunch of lessons later, I am belting out the hits!  Plus she has great recitals in groovy places. If you are singing now, or always wanted to sing, or use yoiur voice in any way for work,  then get with the program. Highly recommended.

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